How to get glasses for free?

Share coupon get reward


You have three friends buy glasses in protecy

We draw back 100% of your glasses cost

  You buy one pair of glasses in Protecy

​Recommend to your friends

one of them buys glasses in protecy



Two friends

buy glasses in protecy

We draw back 20% of your glasses cost

We draw back 50% of your glasses cost


1.Everyone who brought in Protecy can get discount coupons.You can share them to your friends who are planning to buy glasses.

2.Protecy will draw back money to you after 15 days of your friend receiving the order and do not ask for a replacement or refund. 

3.Your friends must buy glasses with the coupon you shared. 

4.Money will be returned to your Paypal account.

5.The discount coupons have a limited period of 6 months.

6.If more people(more than three)buy glasses after your recommendation, you will get 10% of the price of glasses as a reward.

7.Those who have not purchased glasses in Protecy will not get discount coupons.

8.The discount coupon will be emailed to you at the time you receive the glasses.

9.The reward activity will closed on 1st ofJune.

10.If you have any other question,please send email to will reply you as soon as possible.