What is blue light?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Short-wave blue light is light with relatively high energy at wavelengths between 400nm-450nm. The blue light in this wavelength will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eyes, seriously threatening the health of our fundus. Blue-ray-induced blinding eye disease, the blue light can be emitted from many electronic device such as computer,labtop,cellphone,TV and LED lights,even in the ray from Sun.

The current effective solution is to apply film treatment Can effectively prevent blue light from penetrating.Anti-blue light glasses help you from harmful light hurt .

Here, it is particularly pointed out that blue light is not all harmful blue light. What is really harmful is blue light within the wavelength of 400 to 440, and blue light between 480 and 500 nanometers has a role in adjusting the biological rhythm, sleep, mood, memory, etc. All related to it, but beneficial to the human body. Moreover, whether short-wave blue light will definitely cause damage to human eyes is related to the irradiation intensity and the irradiation time. When the illuminance reaches a certain level, it can last for more than two hours before it can cause damage to the retina.

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