What do blue light glasses help with?

At six o'clock in the morning, your alarm clock rang on time. You woke up in a daze. The first thing is to pick up your phone and check if there are any comments on the Facebook post you posted yesterday. On the way to work in the morning, you check the news on your phone from time to time. When you arrive at your office, turn on your computer.The whole of days work have to do on the computer. After finally getting off work, when you get home, turn on the lights, you will also check your phone and see if anyone responds to your message . After the meal, family sit together to Watch TV programs. Before going to bed, you still use your phone to browse web pages you interest. Is your day like this?

In the past 10 years, the concept of light has changed. Around the world, when most of us wake up, the first thing we encounter is a mobile phone. Mobile phones have become a Transitional Object, just like the blanket we wore when we were young. In 2018, a survey conducted by YouGov and the Huffington Post found that almost two-thirds of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 29 have "mobile phones or tablets in bed" when they sleep. This means that within 24 hours, the first and last time we saw is pixels composed artificial blue light. Mobile phone radiation is more serious and stronger than sunlight and moonlight.

Due to work reasons, I have to face the computer every day, sometimes even working overtime until late at night.After staring at the screen for a long time,  my eyes feel very tired, I want to stop, but the work has not been finished. It feels that the words on the screen are getting slender and fuzzy bit by bit, as if there is a layer of mist covering it. My eyes are sore and dry, as if the water in the eyes has been dried by some kind of hot energy. I couldn't help blinking my eyes, trying to prevent the evaporation of water in my eyes, but it didn't help. The blood in my eyes seemed to be squeezed by something, trying to rush out of the eyeballs. This kind of intense pressure hit every cell in my eyes, and I was anxious because of this. The most uncomfortable thing is that this soreness extends to the brain. Makes the head pain unbearable. At this time, I stop my work and take a break. After a cup of coffee, my eye discomfort was relieved a bit, but when I returned to the computer and started working, my eyes began to swell and become dry again.

I don’t know if you have experienced the same feelings. I changed a lot of habits to minimize the use of devices which have electronic screens. After all, the artificial light sources radiated greatly that is exceeded the range that our bodies can bear. The discomfort of the body is a warning to us. However, in today's information age, there are a lot of digital screen devices,computers in our office and mobile phone ,TVs, tablets, game consoles, and LED lights after work. All kinds of artificial light sources surround us, and we can't avoid them no matter how hard we try to avoid them. One day my eyes started to uncomfortable again. My colleague asked me to try on her Protecy computer screen glasses. This is a plain lens glasses, which is specially designed to prevent blue light from the computer to protect eyes. My eyes are not nearsighted, but if I suffer from this acidity and dryness for a long time, I am worried that my vision will decline. So on the suggestion of my colleague, I tried to wear her anti-blue glasses.

This is a metal glasses, and the appearance is nothing special compared to myopia glasses. The golden frame shines with golden light under the sunlight. The black legs of the temples are designed with smooth lines, soft and flexible to the touch. The rounded edges of the frame are black, which matches my round face. The main thing is that when I took it on, everything in front of me changed. Everything is softened. The computer light in front of you is no longer so white and bright, but becomes softer ivory white mixed with a little yellow. The characters on the phone don’t look so laborious, and the reflective walls are not dazzling. Now, the green plants on the table look more energetic. It feels like you are lying on a hot, sun-drenched beach. Suddenly someone has put up a parasol for you, and there is a little bit of blowing wind from the sea. The fresh breeze that blows on your face. At that moment, your eyes and heart are relaxed, and your mind suddenly feels indescribably refreshing. And the impact in the eyeball was like a punctured balloon, the release outlet was found as soon as the glasses were put on. The soreness of  eyes disappears . Until I got off work today, my eyes were not showing dryness and soreness. I am very grateful for the glasses.

I tried my best to restrain myself from playing with electronic products. When I got home, I had to turn on my phone to checking emails. I put on Protecy computer screen glasses again. The entire interface of the phone screen emits soft light . My eyes are staring at the screen for 30 minutes. I didn't feel any discomfort at all. I am very grateful because I have forced myself to look at the phone for less than 30 minutes and stop to have a rest.This time I look at the phone with the soft light for a long time.

 Under too much artificial light, our body has also changed. Too many artificial light sources illuminate us at night, making our bodies mistakenly believe that this is still daytime, and the internal biological clock will let us Staying up at night and coping with daytime work.That is why so many of us have trouble falling asleep and poor sleep quality. Including myself, because of poor sleep quality, my mental state is not good during the day, which affects work and life. These are all caused by too many artificial light sources.

We generally spend more than ten hours in an artificial light environment every day. We need artificial light sources every day to supplement indoor lighting calls. Computers are used to process various things and perform various entertainments every day. Computer monitors are an artificial light source that human eyes are directly staring at. The blue light in it is very harmful to human eyes. The light source with a wavelength in the range of 380 to 480 nanometers is called blue light, and the blue light from 380 to 430 is called high-energy blue light. Different wavelengths of light contain different energy. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy. There are seven types of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. The wavelength of the color light becomes shorter and the energy becomes higher. Blue light can directly reach the retina through the lens, and can induce free radicals to oxidize the photoreceptor cells on the retina, leading to macular degeneration, which can cause myopia, dry eyes, dry itching, and blindness. When we are exposed to these light sources for a long time, we will be hurt by blue light and radiation. The symptom of eye discomfort is a signal of self-protection of glasses. These signals mean that the glasses have received damage. If we ignore these signals, it may cause irreversible damage to the eyeball. So we try our best to filter out the high-energy blue light in the light source.

Computers, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, these are all electronic devices that our eyes are staring directly at. A lot of blue light enters our eyes. If we use these devices for more than an hour a day, we should use anti-blue light glasses to protect our eyes. Protection is necessary. For other light sources, because we generally don’t stare at them, the blue light components that they reach in our eyes are less.

Compared with other methods, wearing anti-blue light glasses has become more effective way to protect eyes. Ordinary anti-radiation lenses can only filter ultraviolet rays and certain electromagnetic radiation. Anti-blue light lenses can effective Ground blocking ultraviolet and radiation suitable for computer using and watching TV. It greatly reduces the blue light's irritation to the eyes, eliminates eye soreness, fever, pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. It is worth mentioning that filtering blue light and glasses for myopia are two different things. People who are not nearsighted should also protect their eyes from blue light. When using computers and mobile phones, wear a pair of anti-blue light glasses to reduce blue light damage on eyes. Reduces the irritation of glare to the eyes when driving at night, improves the contrast of the distant view, and makes driving safer and more comfortable for the eyes.

To protect our eyes , we should also remember the following:

1. Ensure adequate sleep, rest, and rest your tired eyes.

2. Avoid facing the computer or using a mobile phone or tablet for a long time. You should move around one hour on average and look into the distance to relax your eyes.

3. Put more green plants in your office and home so that the eyes can see these plants at any time to relax the eye muscles.

4. Fourth, maintain eye hygiene and avoid bacterial cross-infection.

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