Questions you may concern about blue light blocking glasses

Question 1 Benefit of blue light glasses?

Answer:Blue light is very harmful to glasses. If you or your family members often play with mobile phones, computers, ipads and other electronic products with LED displays. Anti-blue glasses is definitely needed. Anti-blue light glasses can effectively reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes. The short-wave blue light emitted by the electronic product display screen will cause the retinal pigment epithelium to die if exposed to the eyes for a long time. Anti-blue glasses are better for people who use electronic products for a long time, which can reduce the radiation of electronic product screens and also relieve eye fatigue. It is recommended that people who have long exposure to electronic products such as computers and mobile phones should wear blue-ray glasses.

Question 2 can you wear blue light glasses all day?

Answer: Anti-blue light glasses are not suitable for everyone. Anti-blue glasses are only suitable for people who use electronic products for a long time. Teenagers and children can wear anti-blue light glasses when playing with electronic products, but they should not be worn for a long time. Such glasses will form high blocking blue light, which is easy to cause color shift and increase fatigue.

Question 3 Are blue light glasses real?

Answer:Is the anti-blue lens true? It's true. Anti-blue glasses use film reflection technology and centralized absorption technology to reflect harmful blue light or absorb blue light. So it has a protective effect on the fundus. In recent years, mobile phones, computers, TVs, and roadside electronic billboards have flooded our lives. Their screens are all LED screens. The light emitted by LEDs is very different from sunlight, and the proportion of blue light contained is much higher than that of sunlight. Such long-term exposure to blue light will cause greater damage to the eyes. Blue light has extremely high energy, which can damage the lens and retina, cause cataracts and retinopathy, and cause vision loss or even loss! Low-energy blue light can cause eyesight fatigue, deepening myopia, double vision, serial, and inattention! Inhibit the secretion of leg melanin, leading to a decline in sleep quality! Blue light glasses can effectively filter blue light, ultraviolet rays and radiation! Reduce or block blue light damage to the eyes, suitable for use when watching mobile phones, computers, and TV!

Question 4 Can blue light glasses cause headaches?

Answer:It is not recommended to wear anti-blue glasses for a long time in daily life, because blue light belongs to visible light. Anti-blue glasses filter some blue light, and the picture will be yellow when viewing objects. The stronger the blue light filter of some glasses, the greater the color difference seen in the field of view. , Wearing for a long time, glasses will fatigue easily, but will not cause headaches. It is recommended to have two pairs of glasses, one pair of ordinary glasses for daily use, and one pair of anti-blue glasses for use when using computers and other electronic products.

Question 5 Are blue light glasses bad for your eyes?

Answer:The stronger the anti-blue light filter of some glasses is, the greater the chromatic aberration seen in the field of view. Wearing for a long time,  you will fatigue easily. Therefore, it is only recommended to wear when using computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, and do not buy glasses with strong blue light filtering.

Question 6 How to clean blue light glasses?

Answer:Just clean as ordinary glasses!

The best way to clean glasses is to rinse them with clean water first, and then dry them naturally or wipe them with a professional lens cloth (no dust or particles on the lens cloth)!

If there is an optical shop nearby, you can take it for professional cleaning (the ultrasonic machine cleaning all the time), all for free!

Question 7 Is it bad to wear blue light glasses all day?

Answer:Anti-blue glasses are functional glasses. It is recommended to wear them when using electronic products and take them off when not using electronic products. Our glasses adapt to the blue light in the sun, and the light in the sun is continuous and different from the light emitted by electronic products. Our human eyes can adapt to the blue light in the sun.

Question 8 Do blue light glasses have a tint?

Answer:The principle of the anti-blue lens is to add an anti-blue film to the film layer of the lens to reflect blue light, or add an anti-blue light factor to the lens substrate to absorb harmful blue light without a tint.

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