Is online teaching harmful for your kids eyes?

The problem of adolescent myopia is increasingly concerned by the society. Recently, affected by the epidemic, primary and secondary schools around the country generally adopt the form of online teaching. Facing the computer screen for a long time will affect the children's vision, which has become a concern for many parents.

Affected by the epidemic, all schools generally adopt online teaching methods. Because it requires children to use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products for a long time, it will cause a greater burden on children's vision

However, the use of electronic product video terminals has become a trend, and everyone in daily life will inevitably come into contact with electronic products.

Blue light has the possibility of causing damage to the retina, and this possibility is related to the dose of blue light received by the retina. In other words, blue light irradiation can only cause retinal damage after reaching a sufficient time and a certain intensity.

If you use the blue light touched by your mobile phone or tablet properly, it will not cause damage to your eyes. The single use of electronic products is controlled within 20 minutes, protecting the eyes and looking far is the most important.

At the same time, parents should pay more attention to their children's eye hygiene, use their eyes reasonably, and protect their eyesight. Avoid using electronic products for a long time.

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