If you are still curious at the blue light glasses,these might be worth a shot

Learning from The Vision Council, About 200 million Americans report symptoms of digital eye strain (DES), eye discomfort which is caused from looking at a screen for more than two hours at a time.

In before times ,there is no digital devices,blue light is also everywhere,as it is including in sunlight,Until up to now,we mostly exposed to natural light during the day and darkness at night.we are constantly bathing in artificial light ,most of it blue.

Experts from the American Academy of Ophthalmology(AAO)don’t think they are necessary.Because there is no evidence that says blue light cause digital eye strain.Experts recommend that shorting your time exposing in the light of screen.The best is not more than 2 hours for one time.May be you can do that as you don’t have to sitting in front of computer to finish your job,may be you are a boss ,you don’t need spend much time to face the screen .maybe you are driver ,waiter or some other jobs which don’t need working with digital devices.But ,how about the people who need to spend a minimum of eight hours a day starting at a computer screen.Even after work,they would often find themselves staring at another ,smaller screen:the iphone.This small device constantly beam more blue light into our face.

How should we do to protect our eyes?A blue light glasses is helpful,when you wear it ,your eyes feel much more comfortable than before.

From Journal of Adolescent Health ,a study showed that when a group of young kids wore orange glasses while looking at their phone for a few hours before going to bed,they feel much more sleepy than they wore clear glasses.When they begin another study with 20 adults ,they got a similar findings.

There is no harm in trying the blue light glasses,if you looking at screens all day.That is not mean if you ware the blue light glasses your eyes will not strain forever. If impossible put phone away after long time working.Give your eyes a rest !

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