How to let children get rid of online games during the epidemic, and spend time in study and life?

When people get joy and sense of accomplishment from a certain activity, they will continue to repeat this activity, and this sense of joy and accomplishment will gradually increase, prompting us to spend more time trying. Internet game addiction is in this state, not only children and adolescents, even adults are inevitably caught in it. This kind of addiction has a great impact on children and adolescents. The most direct result is the decline in academic performance, the irritable personality and the tendency to go to extremes.

Nowadays, the tragedies and losses caused by indulging in online games are countless, and they are getting younger and younger, and they have spread to the lower grades of elementary school. Children who are already addicted to the world of online games can easily find a sense of accomplishment and belonging, and the gap between them and the real world is growing. Once a child is deeply involved, he will become more and more dependent on the Internet. During learning, he will be very inattentive and slow in thinking. Only after continuing to play can his mental state return to normal. Parents must be vigilant in this situation. .

How to let children get rid of online games during the epidemic, and spend time in study and life?

1. First of all, parents are the key. The previous articles have repeatedly mentioned that parents are important teachers for children, and parents must put down their mobile phones to lead by example. When many parents return home, it is also difficult to divert their attention away from electronic products. This will give their children a wrong message and will also have a great interest in electronic products.

2. Communicate with children patiently and seek common ground while reserving differences. Effective communication can gain greater trust from children. Try to spend more time with your children during winter vacation to go out and play, and you can chat in a relatively pleasant mood. Avoid rough interference, it is prone to worse effects, leading to extremes in children.

3. The main reason for indulging in the Internet is to avoid learning. Students with excellent grades are less likely to indulge. Parents can slowly guide and encourage children based on their children’s interests and preferences, so that children can gain a sense of accomplishment in other interests, and they will slowly regain self-confidence, thereby diverting their attention from online games.

4. If the child has a certain degree of improvement, parents can also accompany the child to watch more news related to game addiction to let the child know the serious consequences of continuing to indulge. In fact, the child will subconsciously realize that such addiction is bad, but there is no way. Restraint, more negative education will also make children alert.

In addition, after the epidemic, parents should continue to pay attention to their children's study and life, agree with their children to play games every day, and slowly get rid of game addiction; cultivate children's outlook on money (I will focus on the children's financial quotient in the following article) , Fundamentally control children's consumption on online games.

What children want most is the company of their parents. In any case, children will have a real sense of security next to their parents. I hope that parents will put down their phones and experience the growth of their children.

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