Does blue Light Glasses Work?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

LED Lighting

In terms of spectrum, the light emitted by LEDs is very different from the light emitted by traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. The so-called "spectrum" means that the light emitted by an object corresponds to a "rainbow".

  The light from traditional incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps has the same seven colors as the sun's rays: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple.

   However, generally, the light emitted by LEDs has only three colors of "RGB", where R is red, which means red light; G means green, which means green light; and B means blue, which means blue light.

   These three colors of LEDs, the "blue LED" between 400nm and 500nm is the most important and the most basic.

What is Feel When Eyes Exposed in Blue Light

The tissue in the human eye that receives light is called the retina. If the 400-500 nm blue light band in the light source is too bright, the eye may cause photochemical damage to the retina after looking directly at the light source for a long time. This kind of damage is mainly divided into two categories: damage caused by the direct reaction of blue light with the visual pigment in the visual photoreceptor cells, and damage caused by the reaction of blue light with the lipofuscin in the retinal pigment epithelial cells. These photochemical reactions will produce a large number of cytotoxic free radicals, destroying the normal growth and work of retinal cells.

   We can also consider the harmfulness of blue light from another angle. Why can't human eyes accept the "excessive blue light" emitted by blue LEDs? Because humans evolved in the solar system, according to the Wien displacement law of black body radiation, we can use the temperature of the sun's surface to calculate that the central wavelength of sunlight is about 550 nanometers, while the central wavelength of blue LEDs is 465 nm, which deviates from the sun. The central wavelength of light, so from an evolutionary perspective, our human eyes cannot accept "excessive" blue light.

The Harmful of Blue Light

If eyes exposed in blue light for a long time . the short-wave blue light emitted by the electronic products' display screen will cause the retinal pigment epithelium to die out , eventually cause an incurable eye disease, namely macular degeneration. Human vision mainly depends on the macula, and people with severe macular degeneration will be blind.

Are Blue Light Glasses Helpful?

Blue light glasses are very useful. The glasses can effectively block blue light in nature, prevent blue light harm your eyes.It can effectively improve dry eyes ,eye fatigue, and delay the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. People who have been engaged in information technology for a long time and those who have worked outdoors can wear these glasses.

Normally, use your computer and mobile phone for about one hour, look at a distance for 10 minutes, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin E and C, such as oranges and kiwis.

Blue light glasses are also very suitable for mobile phones, computers or TVs, and can effectively reduce the continuous damage of blue light to the eyes. Therefore, if you need to face computers, mobile phones, TVs and other radiation products for a long time because of your work, you can consider wearing them. However, the most critical measure for eye protection is to maintain good eye habits and minimize the time spent in contact with such electronic products.

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