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Degital devices reflect high-energy blue light that can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep cycle. Protect your eyes with PROTECY computer screen glasses

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Anti-blue light Glasses

Protect Your Eyes

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What do you usually do first when you get up in the morning? Review smartphone?

What do you usually do last before you go to bed at night? Play on smartphone?

Most people use a smartphone on a daily basis, exposing their eyes to the dangers of blue light.

Blue light is everywhere in today’s digital world, but most of us are unaware of its dangers. 

Besides the sun, much of the dangers of blue violet light in our modern world come from digital 

screens. Such as LED Lighting, Computer,Smartphone,Tablet,Television and Game devices. If your profession or hobbies put you at more exposure to blue  light, consider investing in anti-blue light glasses . 

This is a computer screen glasses which can prevent blue lightwhen you work in front of screen.Lenses are clear indoors and darken automatically when exposed to sunlight.

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Blue light clip-on glasses for long and short-sighted person.